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    Born in Iceland inshe moved to the United States at age nineteen. Because she was a dwarf, the only job she could get was dieta young pentru bolnavii de diabet the "wife" in a dwarf couple at a circus.

    dieta young pentru bolnavii de diabet

    It wasn't long before she fabricated a new life for herself, as an Inuit Eskimo from Greenland. It's estimated that Krarer gave more than 2, lectures around the country, including talks at universities, on life in Greenland as an Eskimo. Nearly all the information she gave was made up, uninformed, and just plain wrong, but no one, from William Jennings Bryan to Robert Peary, ever disputed her facts. Americans at the time were intensely interested in life in the far North, thanks in part to the first attempts to reach the North Pole.

    Bjornsdottir puts Krarer in that context and explains how dramatic improvements in railroad transportation and an extreme shortage of entertainment helped drive her popularity.

    dieta young pentru bolnavii de diabet

    She also describes the role of the circus at the time, attitudes toward dwarfs and other "deviants," and the possible psychological reasons for Krarer's deceptions. This is a fascinating story about a great female con

    dieta young pentru bolnavii de diabet